1412 sq.m



The project plot of land (1412 sq m) is located in Tbilisi, Ortachala district. At the intersection of Gulua and Usakhelouri streets.

The building has 17 floors, 2 underground floors and 15 above-ground floors, underground - II floor has a parking lot for 16 cars, electrical rooms, drinking and fire water reservoirs and rooms for their service pumping equipment, kitchen, staff rooms, transformer rooms and parking lot 8 are planned on the -I floor. per car, a total of 24 cars will be accommodated in the project building.

The main entrance, lobby, restaurant, banquet hall and small kitchen will be located on the ground floor. Large and small meeting rooms, administration room, public toilets and technical rooms will be arranged on the first floor.

Part of the second floor is dedicated to the hotel rooms, and part to the spa and open terrace pool, there is also a bar on the open terrace. The ninth and thirteenth floors will be of technical function, where the engineering equipment will be located, the mentioned floor will be surrounded by blinds.