3200 m2

7, Innovations street, Okrokana, Tbilisi


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, R.Khetsuriani, T.Mikutadze, S.Lobzhanidze, O.Sulaberidze, D.Rusitashvili, N.Chkhartishvili, N.Ostapenko, T.Gorgasanidze Structure LTD Cubicon MEP O.Aloian

Design site is located adjacent to Mtatsminda Park, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The design envisaged reconstruction of existing building with the function of Technological Park. The complex itself (consisting of two blocks, connecting by means of bridge) used to be a scientific-research center of apiculture. The concept of the design aims at informing people about influence of up-to-date gadgets and technologies over people’s daily life throughout the world and especially in the region. A space, connecting two administrative buildings, is presented to be an innovation and achievement of modern technologies. The main objective of the design is to express in architecture the importance of eco-system and to combine high-end planning with harsh environment of engineering and modern technologies.

Building appearance will have various impressions on the guests of Techno Park; it consists of naturalness, creativity, science and technology, everything that meets challenges of modern lifestyle. The plot area totals 6940 m2 and geographically is a south part of ‘Mama Daviti’ mountain slope. The terrain within the plot is not even with absolute sea level, varying from 782 to 790 metres; the plot accommodates administrative building consisting of two blocks and boiler house, surrounding by massive forest and greenery. According to the design, external walls will be plastered with sand-cement mortar and insulated with Rockwool and next finished with high quality wooden boards (treated with anti-septic and painted). Existing floor slab will serve as terrace in Administrative Block. It will accommodate plant pots and appropriate furniture (for open spaces) for leisure and meetings. As for the roof of Educational Block, there will be mainly located mechanical equipment. Central Block is of mixed-type structure: main, load-bearing skeleton of the building is reinforced-concrete, while steel frame is used to support glass facade. The “cube” in interior mainly serves as atrium. First floor comprises reception, waiting area and library. In cube, there will be installed hydraulic type lift, connecting 4 levels: from the last level accessing to terraces of other two blocks. From structural point of view, the buildings were of load-bearing wall system, with strip footing, hollow floor slabs and flat roof; existing building in plan is of rectangular shape (42.60 X 12.60m). Under the design, it is planned to preserve only one floor with slab and adding of two floors. In existing hollow slabs there will be installed r/c beams 40x40cm. Part of existing balconies will be rehabilitated as well.