43100 m²

Chavchavadze lane, plot #05/176, 05/189


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, M.Kalandadze, D.Rusitashvili

Present design envisages reconstruction of administrative block of the tennis court and changing of the function; namely, two floors will be added to the building, which will accommodate hotel with 40 rooms for sportsmen. The hotel will serve tennis complex during competitions and various meetings. Abolished cloakrooms will be relocated at basement level, under stands. Two covered tennis courts will be arranged from the north; this will increase resources of the complex in winter period. Adjacent to open courts, along the retaining wall, there will be built 4-storey building; -1 floor will accommodate reception, covered pool and treatment rooms; 0 floor will accommodate fitness, +1 floor –hotel (with 15 rooms) and +2 floor –café. From the south the building is bordered with open pool having access from covered pool. In central part of design site, there is planned to arrange office building comprising parking, shops, restaurant, conference hall and office areas. Following is planned under the present design:

Improvement of existing tennis complex in compliance with current standards and requirements. Arrangement of the facilities, necessary for development of tennis; Arrangement of additional sport facilities such as fitness club and pool; Construction of high class office building. Land improvement; Maximal utilization of alternative energy sources and thus making contribution in ecological situation of the city; Complete equipment of complex with functional and technical infrastructure;