8001 m²

Mtkvari Right Embankment, Tamar Mepe Bridge


Design site (8001 m²) is located at right embankment, between Tamar Mepe Bridge and the circus road, in Tbilisi. The plot is of complex relief; difference in levels totals 18m. The present schematic design envisages construction of 2, high-rise buildings, united by means of common “pedestal”, what will provide for filling of level differences with terraces. Left part of the complex will accommodate a hotel, while a right part – office spaces. In the uniting podium there will be multi-level parking and other facilities, necessary for functioning of the building. The office part (right part) of the complex has some more floors than the hotel part. They are connected by means of light structure, arranged on the head of the hotel, which will probably accommodate panoramic restaurant, serving by lifts, installed on the building facade. Architecture of the buildings is different; the hotel building will be finished with suspended facade panels, while the office one – mainly with glass. Parking facades will be decorated with green elements, suspended on light skeleton. The main access road to the complex comes from the circus turn. At this level, there will be arranged open parking and access to underground parking by means of closed ramp. Parking exits are located at different levels from embankment side.