7662 m²

#178, D. Agmashenebeli ave, Tbilisi


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G. Sulaberidze, G. Makharashvili, S. Lobzhanidze, N. Chkhartishvili, D.Rusitashvili

Design site is located at Agmashenebeli avenue, adjacent to Music and Drama theatre. Buildings, located on plot, were constructed in different periods. According to historical survey, existing 3-storey building presents to be a listed building. In our design, we completely preserve the listed building; instead of later building we are designing 9-storey new hotel building with glazed façade, which will serve as background for listed building and in our opinion, will not violate the view of the development. Complex will accommodate IBIS hotel with 150 rooms and appropriate infrastructure.