250 m²

Tskneti Highway, Bagebi, Tbilisi, Georgia


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, M.Gegeshidze, O.Sulaberidze, N.Kandelaki, D.Rusitashvili, A.Davituri

The main idea is to create a common use space for professionals and students in the fields of urbanism, architecture and design. Architecturally the building is based on the principles of ‘green architecture’, green-covered roof offers an open terrace, additional attraction for public meeting. Today, architecture requires an exchange of information and communication with a variety of disciplines (engineering, art, modern technology), the process that needs to be dynamic, open and be creative. The project aims to create the model for ‘creative industries’ in this part of the city and develop in this direction. Project Title – URBAN zone – means to create an open space – the ‘zone’ – where urban planners, architects and designers can meet in the working environment, be involved in a variety of activities and freely use the space. U-zone is the space, which will unite the thematical functions and with a simple transformation of furniture will make it possible to arrange space exhibitions, lectures, seminars, group and individual job performance. Single-storey building space will be divided into three stages and a variety of activities will be adapted for for people with disabilities with use of the ramps in the interior. At the entrance of U-zone bicycle parking will be arranged for to promote alternative means of transportation. U-zone will be platform professional’s and young architect’s ideas, the overall goal is to raise awareness of the architectural profession in process of impoving the built environment. U-zone should become an open space for the city, public institutions, universities, professionals, students and the private sector, all who are involved in architecture, an open and active process in architecture life of the city, by sharing knowledge and experience.