1680 m²

Okatse (Kinchkha)


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, S.Ramishvili, A.Rekhviashvili, M.Kalandadze, Ch.Khosiauri, M.Gegeshidze, V.Khelashvili

Structural Engineering L.Abashidze

Design site is located in west Georgia, in the village of Kinchkha. Project aims at creation of tourist infrastructure at design site according to safety standards and modern planning principles connected with arrangement and protection of nature monuments. Idea of design concept is to improve tourist infrastructure and monument’s protection level with minimal interference into the nature and existing environment. According to terms of reference, priority should be given to local materials and small architectural shapes. Visitors’ center – main structural system of the building consists of metal channels, which rise above the ground level and are supported on metal poles, which in their part have reinforced-concrete footing. Façade is finished with strip metal sheets, treated with anti-corrosion solution and painted green. On site, there will also be pedestrian bridges and stairs to make visitors travel more comfortable